Do MORE, Be MORE, Access MORE!
  • Productivity: Prioritize and maximize your time for MORE impact & influence
  • Playtime: Greater focus to accomplish MORE to free up MORE space for play!
  • White Space: MORE time to be creative, to strategize & build your empire!
When you don't take control of your calendar ...
Your Calendar takes control of you!
The problem is ... you are overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

You're keeping yourself occupied with endless "to do" lists and "busy work" AND not focusing on the biggest "bang for your buck" priorities. 

You're truly focusing on the wrong things ...

And, you feel like there's simply not enough hours in the day ...

And what's even worse, is you have no way to stop the madness, 
no concrete system and process to create the space you need
to live the life you really want on your terms.

I hear clients endlessly tell me that their Google, iCal or Outlook 
calendar is running their life ...

And, they think it's impossible to take back control of their life.

I'm here to tell you ... there is a way!

I have a system that will show you exactly how to maximize your day,
create more time and space for YOU, AND change everything ...  
That's why I'm offering you instant access to my entire YES Ideal Calendar System worth $685 ...
How would your life & business be different if you could:
  •  CONFIDENTLY know that what you are focusing your time and energy on was the very things that would get you the biggest returns?
  •  Know EXACTLY how to structure your day to achieve more AND be able to access more playtime for yourself, as well?
  •  EASILY create a system that would help you fine-tune your focus, get the clarity you want, and feel like you fully accomplished your goals? 
  •  Have MORE TIME to think, daydream, strategize and create masterpieces that reflect your best work, talents and gifts?
  •  Get to CELEBRATE your massive wins and success by ditching work to spend an afternoon shopping, sipping on a latte at your favorite café, or head out for a hike with your dog on a gorgeous day (Payton loves all the extra walks he gets these days) knowing that you have maximized both your productivity and profitability for your business?
  •  You could have MORE JOY, MORE PEACE, and MORE FREEDOM to do the things you really enjoy and desire most?
Imagine if ... you could access more free time, get more done, create more white space, AND have more fun!
Imagine working less hours, taking more time off from work, going on more vacations, and being able to disconnect and truly suck the marrow out of life.

How would life feel if you started your day with intention - living life on your terms ... where you could maximize your productivity, accomplish the things that matter most, all while enjoying every moment of your life and creating more playtime? 

Imagine the feeling of having time to really enjoy that delicious latte, be able to take long walks in nature, play with your kids or puppy, or connect with friends over lunch ...

Imagine that ... and, so much more!
Are you ready then to start using this powerful system TODAY to create more time & space to enjoy your family, friends & life, itself?
This System Really Works ...
The YES Ideal Calendar System
My Step-by-Step System To Help You Access MORE Time, MORE Freedom, MORE Joy, and MORE Fulfillment in Your Life and Business!
Here's everything you'll get with this AMAZING offer:
YES Ideal Calendar System
A self-directed, online training platform designed to help you build a powerful ideal calendar system to maximize your learning and implementation around these concepts.

The learning modules include:
  • Module #1: Getting Started - Building the Foundation
  • Module #2: Your Power Hour - Setting Your Morning Intention
  •  Module #3: Closing Time - Establishing Evening Reflection Ritual
  • Module #4: 3 Big Rocks - Prioritizing Top Goals for High Performance
  •  Module #5: 5 Major Milestones - Implementing Effective Momentum
  •  Module #6: Power Blocks - Executing Pockets of Greatness
  •  Module #7: Daily Discipline - Creating Habits for Awesomeness
  •  Module #8: Bringing It All Together - Building Your Ideal Calendar
  •  Module #9: Metrics & Accountability - Your Must Haves to Crush It
Customizable Calendar Template
You will be provided with an electronic calendar template to help you manage and map out how you focus your time to achieve your highest and best results.
The Bookends Journaling Guide
The Bookends Journaling questions ...
Because you are choosing to sign up today ...
I'm also including this exclusive bonus just for YOU! 
Super Cool Bonuses
BONUS #1: 13 Strategies to Destroy the NOISE eBook
Often times, it's your mindset getting in the way of you closing those big, lucrative deals. This book outlines the 13 strategies to help you destroy the NOISE and eliminate the fears, blocks, barriers & stories you tell yourself that are stopping you from playing at your highest and best level. 
BONUS #2: Imagine the Possibilities 30-Day Challenge
Full access to this 30-day challenge, where you will be given daily videos designed to inspire and awaken your imagination, clearly set your intention for each day, and position yourself to show and serve more powerfully to open up infinite possibilities for you and your life!
BONUS #3: Access to Facebook Group
You will get access to our Facebook Camp Candy Community, where you can connect with other thought leaders who are powerfully sharing their messages on bigger stages & venues. In addition, I will be adding bonus videos, content and conducting FB Lives exclusive to the community to provide you with a space for Q&A, feedback, insights and the ability to showcase & share your wins!
OK, Candy ... this all sounds great ...
But, will this REALLY work for me?
The answer is a resounding YES!!!!

I get it ... I really do! You don't think you have the space or time to "fix your calendar, to reset, to adjust ... there's just not enough hours in the day! 

Imagine, though, if life could be easier? 

It can!

Imagine if you could access MORE time, feel MORE energized and have space to enjoy your life MORE?

YOU can!

I've poured my heart and soul into this powerful ideal calendar system to provide you with access to the strategies and tools you need to succeed! 

Because NOW, is YOUR time to reclaim YOUR TIME!

Sending you light, love and heart-to-heart hugs!

Remember, you're just one choice away...

- Candy Barone

Here's what Lynn had to say about her experience ...

"I’d like to point out that Candy truly was the catalyst for all of this. Working with her has been an investment in my future that has already paid for itself several times over. She will challenge you (how many times have I said "Damn it Candy Barone!" because she called me out on my BS) and I am a better person for it. If you believe life is about CREATING your life and growing into your potential, then Candy has your back. It's been a crazy adventure so far and I'm excited to see what's next."

Scott loves to share his success story ...

Candy Barone is a generous spirit, a vortex of energy, a heart filled with courage, strength, love, and inspiration. I hired Candy at the beginning of 2017. My goal was to reform my existing business into something more targeted and productive, and start leveraging my network toward a much larger vision. What I expected was guidance in re-organizing my business models and strategies, with some support and accountability along the way. What I got was a total re-wiring of my brain, with some major changes in every area of my life, from money to health to relationships. 

She is the best investment I’ve ever made in my business and myself, and I am grateful to be working with her. No matter what level you’re at in your business, or where you are in your life, she can and will help you move forward. I recommend her whole-heartedly as a coach.

Cherrie was thrilled to share her thoughts ...

"Working with Candy Barone is like experiencing the Divine in action. She embodies grace, love, tenacity and most importantly, she does it with truth, fun and discernment. Her thought leadership begins with the heart and like Midas when you encounter her presence your life professionally and personally is transformed into Gold. She constantly reminds us to be kind to everyone at all times but especially to ourselves. I am grateful for that message as it continues to be life changing for me."
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase THIS AMAZING Offer!
  •  Component #1: YES Ideal Calendar System ($297 Value)
  •  Component #2: Ideal Calendar Template ($97 Value)
  •  Component #3: Bookends Journaling Guide ($97 Value)
  •  Bonus #1: Destroy the NOISE eBook ($97 Value)
  •  Bonus #2: Imagine the Possibilities Challenge ($97 Value)
  •  Bonus #3: Access to Facebook Community (priceless)
Total Value: $685
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $49
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A Little About Candy Barone ...
Candy Barone, CEO & Founder of You Empowered Strong, is a leadership development expert, trainer and executive coach, as well as an international speaker and Amazon best-selling author. 
She is a catalyst and change agent who works with executives and emerging leaders to help bring “heart” back to leadership while feeding the soul of their business. With nearly 20 years in corporate, combined with a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt, and MBA, she is a master at building exceptional, high-performing teams, maximizing and leveraging ROI, growing emerging leaders, creating metrics for greater accountability, and catapulting individuals to achieve explosive growth. 

She is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, was named a 2014-15 VIP Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women, was recipient of the 2015 Public Speakers Association Local Collaborator Award, and was nominated as a 2015 Profile in Power Central Texas Woman of Influence.
Candy also has been showcased in CNN, U.S. News & World Report, The Austin Statesman, Austin Business Journal, Be the Boss Magazine, OffBeat Business Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, ciLiving TV, Femmes Under 40 Magazine, along with numerous radio shows and podcasts. In addition, she serves as a call leader for the Evolutionary Business Council, a Partnering Director for the Public Speakers Association, is a member of the Good Deed Society, and volunteers within her community.
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